A Gentle Guide to
Constraint Logic Programming via ECLiPSe

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Welcome to a CLP textbook for beginners by Professor Niederlinski

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    Antoni Niederlinski
    A Gentle Guide to
    Constraint Logic Programming
    via ECLiPSe
    Third edition, 2014, 570 p.
    ISBN 978-83-62652-08-2

    The book is an introductory and down-to-earth presentation of Constraint Logic Programming (CLP), an exciting software paradigm, more and more popular for solving combinatorial as well as continuous constraint satisfaction problems and constraint optimization problems. It is based on the popular, intensively supported and documented ECLiPSe platform, freely available under Cisco-style Mozilla Public License.
    The Author aims at teaching modeling i.e. translating verbal problem statements into Prolog or CLP programs. This has been dealt with by a series of problems of increasing complexity, translated into Prolog or CLP programs and running under ECLiPSe. The theoretical background has been minimized while stressing intuitive understanding. Presented constraint satisfaction problems deal with finding feasible/optimal states, and feasible/optimal state-space trajectories, starting with simple puzzles and proceeding to advanced ones, like graph coloring problems, schedu-ling problems with particular attention to job-shop problems (including the famous MT10 benchmark), and Traveling Salesman Problems. The last chapter is concerned with Continuous Constraints Satisfaction and Constraint Optimization Problems.

    The book is only available through e-mail: teresa@uktn.com.

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    Prof. zw. dr hab. inż. Antoni Niederlinski  antoni.niederlinski@ae.katowice.pl   is active at the Economic University in Katowice, Poland, and at the Bielska Wyższa Szkoła in Bielsko-Biała, Poland. Till 2009 he was active in the Institute of Automation at the Silesian Technical University in Gliwice, Poland. His long-time control-engineering activities resulted among other in designing a measure of interaction in multivariable control plants (known as the Niederlinski Index) and in generalizing the Ziegler-Nichols method for tuning multivariable controlers. He authored the following books:

  • "Multivariable Control Systems" (in Polish: "Układy wielowymiarowe automatyki"), WNT, 1974
  • 2-volumes of "Digital Industrial Control Systems" (in Polish: "Systemy cyfrowe automatyki przemysłowej"), WNT, 1977
  • "Systems and Control. An Introduction to Control and Technical Cybernetics" (in Polish: "Systemy i sterowanie. Wstęp do automatyki i cybernetyki technicznej"), PWN 1983
  • 2-volumes of "Industrial Computer Control Systems" (in Polish: "Systemy komputerowe automatyki przemysłowej"), WNT 1984,1985
  • "Microprocessors-Microcomputers-Microsystems" ("Mikroprocesory-mikrokomputery-mikrosystemy") WSP, 4 editions, 1978-1987
  • "Adaptive Control" (in Polish: "Regulacja adaptacyjna"), PWN 1995 - with J.Mościński and Z.Ogonowski
  • "Multi-Edip. A Multivariable System and Signal Analyzer" (in Polish: "Multi-Edip Analiza wielowymiarowych sygnałów i obiektów" Pol.¦l. 1997 - with J.Kasprzyk and J.Figwer
  • "Rule-based Expert Systems" (in Polish: "Regułowe systemy ekspertowe"), PKJS 2000
  • "Rule- and Model Based Expert Systems rmes" PKJS 2008
  • "A Quick and Gentle Guide to Constraint Logic Programming via ECLiPSe", PKJS 2011
  • For the last 20 years he was engaged in work on expert systems and constraint logic programming.

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